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I believe family is at the center of all the things that we do. We work hard for our families. Families is why our country is so great. We do the things we do for the ones we love.

Here at Family Photography, we understand how important it is for you as a family member to have wonderful photographs that portray the relationships and the uniqueness of your family. We take the time to do that for you. So when you see your photographs, there is no let down. I can guarantee you that you will love your portraits the first time you see them because we will take the time needed to find out from you just what you want and then make sure that is what you get.

Call us and lets talk about your family. I know we can help you create a photograph that you will cherish for many years to come. Call us now - there's no obligation - no cost to talk.

Last thought: If you are looking for a quick snap shot of your family, we may not be the studio for you.

Honestly, we are looking for families who are willing to make an effort with us to insure you have the most beautiful photograph of your loved ones that truly portrays who you are in the portrait. This takes time and effort. Shopping and coordinating, choosing the right site, indoor or outdoor, at our studio or in your home. That way you will be thrilled with the end results.

Thank you.

Family Photography is a family-owned Stockton photographer who since 1993 has helped capture the special moments in people's lives. Please give us a call today for outstanding service.

Licenses / Credentials:
• Professional Photographer License # 11-00084476

We Specialize In:

  • We Specialize in Family Photography in studio or Outside & Special Locations
  • Babies & Children
  • High School Seniors
  • Modeling & Pets
  • Business Headshots

Stockton Photographer: Capturing Those Special Moments

A picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure that the photos on your mantelpiece tell the perfect story of a beautiful moment such as a birthday, wedding or graduation by using the services of a professional Stockton Photographer. Photographs are eternal keepsakes of precious memories and pictures taken by a professional photographer can really make the moments come alive, years after they have passed.

Whatever your needs, be it family photographs or something for commercial purposes an experienced Stockton Photographer is there to help. Often, people have a family photographer who clicks pictures during a family event. Sometimes the services of a professional photographer may be required to shoot pictures commercial purposes, perhaps for an advertisement or brochure illustration among other things.

Photographers are usually known by the type of subjects that they photograph. Most obviously a family photographer is a professional photographer who takes pictures for one or more families during special family events. It is not uncommon for a family photographer to take startlingly emotional and intense pictures of the family members because of the extent of familiarity that he develops with the members of the family. He is better equipped than anyone else to capture cute moments and endearing idiosyncrasies of family members which form part of the fabric that holds families together.

A Stockton Photographer also explores subjects such as landscape, portraiture, still life, fashion photography, commercial photography, documentary photography and photojournalism. The photographs that you see everyday in newspapers, magazines, billboards or even those pictures on top of a cereal box are all the work of commercial photographers. A variety of industries solicit the creativity and skills of commercial photographers – television, newspapers, publishing, advertising and photographic studios are but a few among many others.

The experienced Stockton Photographer knows what works and what does not. Get in touch with a Stockton Photographer whether you need a commercial photographer for your business or a professional photographer to cover a family function and they can meet your every need.

Stockton Photographer: Portrait Photographers

Portrait photographers are skilled in taking high quality pictures of individuals, families and groups. If you have seen thoughtful, profound and elegant photographs of celebrities or even friends and family, it is almost always likely to be the handiwork of professional portrait photographers. An experienced Stockton Photographer can take extremely interesting portrait photographs of you and your family which you can then use in different ways.

A professional Stockton Photographer will travel to your special event such as a wedding, or picture days at school for taking group or individual photographs. Portrait photographers use high quality photography equipment to produce high quality finished portraits. The Stockton Photographer understands that you are paying for the end results of the portrait and not the time that is spent on taking the photographs. Portrait photographers spend their time wisely and effectively in capturing the best shots of you and your family.

Most portrait photographers often start as assistant to other reputed portrait photographers, so they have a wealth of experience and exposure behind each click of their camera.

When taking portrait photographs of large groups it is important that everyone looks their best ready for the picture and actually looks at the camera when the photograph is being taken. Everyone must face the same way with similar expressions on their faces; else the picture might appear too casual. Ensuring that this happens is the responsibility of the professional photographer. A portrait is essentially a photograph that is meant to be kept for many years and one that can be given as a gift to friends and family. It is the attention to detail by the professional Stockton Photographer that makes for fabulous portraits.

It is only an accomplished Stockton Photographer who would be able to take fine family portraits. These are especially challenging especially when there are small children. It is very difficult to get the children to stay still to be photographed. Most portrait photographers or even commercial photographers who take pictures of children often have an assistant who distracts them with a small toy or puppet while the pictures are being clicked.

Stockton Photographer for Quality Commercial Photographs

If you run a business, you need to do a bit of marketing to promote the products and services that you offer. You need captivating and powerful images that convey the true benefits of your product or service to customers at a glance. This is where commercial photographers come in.

The diverse range of Stockton Photographer includes commercial photography as well. Whatever your needs, be it an advert, brochure, website, billboard or even the side of a soup can, a Stockton Photographer will take just the right pictures for you.

Commercial photographers know the craft inside out and they are well versed in every minute aspect of photography, right from setting up the perfect shot to developing the picture in the photography lab. The skilled Stockton Photographer doing commercial photography is trained in lighting, effective usage of backdrops and all aspects of digital photography. Computers and advanced photography software are now extensively used in commercial photography for retouching or modifying photographs to make it more commercially viable. The specialized knowledge of computers and software is something that a professional Stockton Photographer will have and it will be a huge advantage when it comes to commercial photography.

Make Your Memories Last with a Stockton Photographer

The work of a professional Stockton Photographer results in high quality images that can be used in a number of different ways. These images could be used for sales, commercials, posters, cards or in the family album.

The Stockton Photographer provides quality services at affordable prices for any occasion. Even those special needs such a black and white photography or unusual portraits and special requirements will be taken into account by the experts at your local Stockton Photographer.

It is important to have the services of a professional photographer for important occasions like weddings because there are many memorable moments that need to be captured. It really takes the practiced and sharp eye of a Stockton Photographer to see the unique moments that just need to be captured in film. It is only a professional who will be able to capture all the details and moments through his camera and produce pictures that the couple will cherish for a lifetime.

When you need to capture those special moments in life, get in touch with a professional Stockton Photographer.

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Thanks to Joseph Thornton, IV of Family Photography, I have the perfect family portraits. It's the first professional photo my family has taken since my daughter was born five years ago and we love the results. I'm in the military and was home on vacation between assignments. I wanted to get really nice family portraits before we headed back out overseas and, luckily, I found Family Photography online. Mr. Thornton was truly professional and very friendly. His artistic and photographic skills produced outstanding photos for my family to enjoy for years to come.
Renee C. - Lathrop, California
Thank you, thank you, thank you! We do not have the words to adequately express how much you blessed us. Your generosity is forever captured in the photos. Know that they will be a source of encouragement to us.
Jeremy, De-Lila & Hero - San Diego, California
Thank you for making what could have been a very stressful and expensive experience a fun and memorable one. The photos are beautiful and you gentlemen are as professional as they come! You help people create memories that will last through generations and we are truly grateful!
Lisa and Lauren W. - Stockton, California